(While we battle with website hackers, here are links to the Shelter 2.0 Lofty Sheldon files and instructions)

Shelter 2.0 is an open design project for a digitally fabricated structure.
Our goal is to help Shelter the 100 million homeless people in the world,
while creating educational and economic opportunity to help those in need provide for themselves.

All files are released under a Creative Commons, non commercial licence.
The Shelter 2.0 files links.

The Lofty Sheldon

Lofty Sheldon Instructions
Lofty Sheldon Materials
Lofty Sheldon CAD files

Lofty Sheldon router templates

Router Template Instructions
Router Template layout files Build a Tradigital Shelter

The original 8'x8' Sheldon

Sheldon Instructions
Sheldon Materials
Sheldon CAD files
Sheldon for schools

The 10'x14' Lima

Lima CAD files

The original Shellie

Shellie CAD files


Send us an email at theshelter20@gmail.com